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Posted by giorgonews on March 18, 2008

Cost-free system Hypecall works with all cell phones in all networks in every country

An English start-up is shaking the world of mobile telephony and has managed to transport Skype’s appealing cost structure to the cell phone and is now launching the beta phase 2. The savings are huge – between 50 to 90 percent! Also it has many cool features such as calling from your mobile to Skype directly.

As anyone can send SMS it works with every cell phone, in every country in the world, in every network and doesn’t require any special software. By just sending one text message a
call-back system is initiated through the so called
Skype Out account and within ten seconds the two
parties are connected. The service HypeCall is completely free – he or she only pays the cost of a text message and the traditionally low Skype rate for this phone call.
Hype Credit can be purchased either via Paypal or credit card directly from the website


  • Also there are many things you can do with Hypecall except international calls such as call your friends from your mobile to their Skype directly or make an on-demand phone conference whenever you want.

Check it out at and let me know your thoughts.

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